How We Professionally Clean a Home

Our Initial Thorough European Cleaning
We always...

Wet wash all baseboards

Wet clean all window sills

Wet clean all doors

Clean all ceiling fans

Clean sliding glass doors and prints from window glass

Clean all kitchen and bathroom cabinet facings

Clean all knick-knacks, picture frames, backs of picture frames (frames that are on shelves, etc.)

Dust all lamp shades

Remove books and clean book shelves

Clean all wall hangings with glass cleaner

Dust all light fixtures

Dust all bottoms and sides of furniture

Vacuum/sweep under beds and furniture

Maintenance Cleanings

1.  We start by going through the home and collecting all trash and replacing garbage bags.  We furnish the small 4 gallon trash bags for the bathroom baskets/cans.

2.  Next we go through the entire home and clean cobwebs if necessary and dust all baseboards and moldings.

3.  We then straighten all rooms and make beds before starting the maintenance cleaning.

4.  If we are cleaning a 2 or 3 story home we will start on the top floor and dust and/or polish all furniture and clean all glass surfaces except the bathrooms.

5.  We dust all window sills.

6.  Next we will clean any bathrooms on the top floor.

7.  We then vacuum and clean the floors on the top floor.

8.  We follow this routine on all floors of the home.

9.  Next we will clean the laundry room.

10.  After cleaning the entire home we finish by cleaning the kitchen.

Details on How We Clean Furniture
When dusting and polishing furniture, we lift items that are on top of furniture and clean underneath.    We dust all bottom, side and top surfaces of all furniture.  When we clean dining room furniture, we clean all chair legs and bottom of legs too, backs of chairs and table legs.  For entertainment centers we open all doors and clean inside and dust back of  TV.  Dust or polish all stair railing.  When we clean bedroom furniture that has wood bed frames, we make sure we clean all the wood on the bed frame.

Details for Cleaning Glass Surfaces
We clean all glass surfaces in a home, clean all mirrors, light switch plates, TV screens, prints from windows and sliding glass doors.

Details for Bathroom Cleaning
We start by spraying sink, tub, toilet bowl with bathroom cleaner to soak.  We then clean sink and cabinet facings.  We clean shower/tub, toilet and bowl.  We use glass cleaner to polish bathroom chrome, bathroom fixtures, sink, shower wall and shower door and bathtub.  We make sure to polish everything when we are finished cleaning to leave the bathroom streak free and shiny.  Next we clean the floor.

Details for Laundry Room Cleaning
We clean top, back, sides and front of washer/dryer.  Lift washer lid and clean inside lid and around the top of inside washer.  We polish washer/dryer with glass cleaner to shine.  We clean laundry room sinks if any.

Details for Kitchen Cleaning

We start by scrubbing kitchen sink with soap scrub.  Then we unload dishwasher if necessary and load up dishwasher if necessary. We then spray all surfaces with an our natural all purpose cleaner to soak.  We wipe down all surfaces, wipe cabinet facings, clean inside microwave, clean outside all appliances and on top of refrigerator and clean stove top and burner plates if applicable.  We wipe down outside/inside of garbage can.  We clean kitchen table, chairs and chair legs and bottom of legs too.  We spray and clean high chairs and booster seats.  Then we will want to polish all kitchen surfaces.  We use stainless steel cleaner to polish all stainless.  We spray on a soft cloth to polish.  Next we use glass cleaner to polish all other outside appliances.  We use stainless steel polish to polish kitchen sink and sink fixtures.  Finally we sweep and mop kitchen floor.

Curio Cabinets, China Cabinets and Chandeliers

A lot of people keep breakable and keepsakes in their curio cabinets or china cabinets.  We feel it is best if you want us to clean inside of these cabinets to request if you would remove everything and when we finish cleaning the inside you then can put everything back.  This way there is no chance of anything being broken.  If you would  like us to dust or glass clean any items we will.  If you have any chandeliers that need dusting or cleaning just let us know ahead of time.  If you have a lot of antiques in your home and would like to request a specific cleaner on your antique furniture just let us know ahead of time.

Changing Sheets

If you would like bed linens changed, just leave clean bed linens out on the bed the day of cleaning.
This can be done for no extra charge.

If you have a lot of clutter throughout the home, we suggest picking up and straighten before the cleaning so we can properly clean the home.  If this is not possible we would need to charge a little extra to allow for the extra time of picking up and straightening the home before cleaning.

Our Move-in/Move-out Cleanings and Apartment Turnover Cleanings
We Always...

Collect garbage if needed

Remove all cobwebs

Wet clean baseboards

Wet clean doors

Clean all light fixtures

Clean all stair railings

Clean inside windows, sills and frames

Clean inside closets including any shelves

Clean all floors (vacuum, sweep, mop)

Clean bathrooms including inside bathroom cabinets, drawers and closets, clean light fixtures and switch plates

Clean inside refrigerator/freezer and oven

Clean inside all kitchen cabinets and drawers

Clean all cabinet facings and kick boards

Clean all counter tops

Clean outside all appliances

Clean inside microwave

Polish all kitchen surfaces with glass cleaner or stainless polish for stainless steel appliances

Window Cleaning
We fill a bucket half way full with warm water and add a little ammonia (not too much).  Then we add a few squirts of  Dawn dish liquid.  Then we dip a microfiber or cotton cleaning cloth in the ammonia solution and wet.  We squeeze the excess solution from the cloth and clean the entire window.  We use a cotton cloth to go over the entire window to dry.  We always clean frames and sills too.

Extending Our Cleaning Service to Offer You More Service Options
We also...

Organizing Services

Basement and Garage Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning Services (inside and out)

Carpet Cleaning

New Construction Cleaning

Real Estate Cleaning

Errand Services

Pet Walking Services

Home Cooked Meals

Laundry Services

Packing/Unpacking Services

Decorating Services

Party Help

Office/Janitorial Services

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